"Chasing the Flock"
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16" x 20"or 8" x 10" mat

matted to 16x20  -  36$
matted to  8x10  -  16$
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"Elks Rehab Hospital" has been a refuge and a place to give and receive over the last three decades.  I have made many friends while nurturing purpose, confidence, and an understanding of my place in this life; and I have seen the positive influence I've had on others that have had to do spend time at the Elks.  You are truly an inspirational group and I am blessed to have spent so much time there.  

God Bless-
Elks Rehab Hospital
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Matted to 16x20 - 36$
Matted to  8x10 - 16$

Note: Price Includes Shipping
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