The inspirations in my life...
Looking for the silver lining in every cloud...
My disabled life has been an adventure and although difficult, It's been the most enlightening part of me.  The toughest thing about being disabled isn't about the pain or the inability to go golfing.  It isn't about not being able to jump in a car to grab a bite to eat or feeding myself.  The hardest thing about my disability is that if my family or friends see me in pain, they hurt.  If they see me sick, they empathize and feel with me.  And, if I've been solemn, they worry and help me smile.  Being positive has become such an important thing for me because my disability affects so many people.  I'd rather my family and friends smile than hold a little doubt and worry about me.  I love my family and friends because without them, I wouldn't be where I'm at!  
"Landing the Big One"
matted 16x20in. -  35$
"Lost Rowboat"
matted 8 x 10in - 16$
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