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Lost Rowboat
Waterfall Dreams
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The Fisherman
Color Valley
My first attempts to draw with my mouth seemed difficult at first.  I soon realized, however, that art wasn't about perfection or a specific standard outlined in a particular book somewhere. Art and creating it was about expressing what I saw and what I felt.  That meant I could appreciate art and admire it like everyone else.  Being disabled doesn't affect my perception of what art is or if a painting or a sketch I've done is any good... it  just affects the way I  produce it...   
I shouldn't even be here...

When I was injured in 1992, we were told I had little chance to make it.  After some rehab at Rancho Los Amigos in Downey California, I was told I'd be dependent on a vent and I'd never breathe on my own.  But, fortunately, the course my life has taken hasn't been what was predicted.  
At times along this journey, I've noticed that people will glance at me and sometimes stare;  certainly, not being rude but just wondering about my injury or feeling bad for my situation.  I think the perception is that, because you're in a wheelchair, you're supposed to be sad or depressed.
Sometimes, I'll be at the mall or at the grocery store.  Then someone will glance and give me a solemn diluted smile.  Then, I WINK at them.  It always elicits such a warm response and hopefully makes people wonder, "What is he thinking".
If  I can make people smile as they go home or even remind them to be positive for even a moment, then I've done something for someone else.......  
It has been an adventure and although difficult, It's been the most enlightening part of my life.  The toughest thing about being disabled isn't about the pain or the inability to go golfing.  It isn't about not being able to jump in a car to grab a bite to eat or feeding myself.  The hardest thing about my disability is that if my family or friends see me in pain, they hurt.  If they see me sick, they empathize and feel with me.  And, if I've been solemn, they worry and help me smile.  Being positive has become such an important thing for me because my disability affects so many people.  I'd rather my family and friends smile than hold a little doubt and worry about me.  I love my family and friends because without them, I wouldn't be where I'm at!
Non's Mouth Art