Limited Motion Expressions
Finding the silver lining in every cloud...

             8x10 in .               16x20 in.
         outside mat          outside mat
         dimensions          dimensions
These prints are matted with acid free mats and either neutral colored mats or appropriate color scheme mats i.e. olive, brown,grey 
Four Brothers
Coastal Watch
Hiding in the Woods
Waterfall Dreams
Lost Rowboat.
South for the Winter
The Fisherman
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       25$ + 10 S/H
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Rainbow Forest
In the Clouds
​Color Valley 
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1-Missing Swing, 
2-Color Valley, 
3-in the Clouds, 
4-Rainbow Forest, 
7-South for the Winter, 
8-Waterfall Dreams, 
9-Lost Rowboat, 
10-Hiding in the Woods, 
11-Coastal Watch, 
12-Four Brothers