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"Non" Reyes
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Limited Motion Expressions
quadriplegic mouth painting, mouth art, emotion ...
"Non" was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 1992 that left him paralyzed from his shoulders down.  Unable to even breathe on his own, "Non" wondered what his life held in store for him or for his wife and son.  Months went by and depression slowly set in as he wrestled with only the inabilities he now had.  He couldn't be a father or husband now... life was over.  One day nine months after the accident, while lying in bed, his 3 year old son, Jacob, approached his side.  Jacob innocently looked up at Non and said, "Daddy, scratch my back".  Non just looked at Jacob and fought back the tears as he tried to figure out how he would tell his son that he couldn't even do this simple task for him.  As Non wrestled with all the emotion, Jacob could see his daddy was having a hard time and then he said, "With your whiskers, daddy".  Jacob then jumped on his father's chest and had his daddy scratch his back with his chin.  At three, Jacob saw what his father "could" do, not what he couldn't.  Non knew he had to stay positive for his family and himself. Because of his son's heart, Non could see his glass was half full, not half empty...  Non later discovered he had an aptitude in art and with a brush or pencil held in his mouth, has learned how to express himself in his drawings and paintings.  Now,  Non uses his art as a tool to help inspire others and reminds all to be positive.  Non has been blessed with a wonderful wife, Sylvia, whom he loves with all his heart and son, Jacob, who reminded him that he could still be "daddy".  Recently, Non was blessed with a wonderful daughter named Isabella... good luck daddy.  His family, friends and faith have given Non so much to be thankful for and he will forever appreciate their support.  You can purchase his well known mouthart and help support Non's endeavours as he  inspires all who see his beautiful work.  
  "Waterfall Dreams" - 8"x17"
     outer mat size - 16"x20"
              Price - 35$
I recently read, "It's not what the world does to get you down, It's what you do to keep yourself up".  
Here is a set of 5 bookmarks from some of my favorite prints (ea. 2in. x 6in)...... Only 5$ and that includes shipping :)
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